Why are we here?

Why are we here? That's a question philosophers have pondered for millennia, and one Rev. Rick Warren answered in his book, A Purpose Driven Life, by saying we are here to worship God. But I'd like to get a little more personal and take a more pragmatic approach.

We, the founders of Mount Carmel Academy, are here to provide an alternative to the more traditional and more expensive approach to pastoral training. We are not trying to replace a seminary education, but instead to offer another path to ordination in and by the local church. Seminary is not easy, nor is the three-year ordination path program at MCA. Ours is less costly, and of necessity more limited in class offerings. As a non-profit religious organization, fully dependent on donations, we do not charge for any class or course or seminar. Everything offered is free to the student. The only monetary requirement is that the student purchase any books and materials needed for the class.

In this capacity, MCA can also offer various courses and seminars tailored for the leadership of the local church as well as for the general membership within the church, again free of charge except for any required class materials. These generally take the form of 4-week mini-courses and one day seminars. An example is our leadership seminar for Elders and Deacons, to explain their roles from a Biblical and a practical standpoint. We wish to serve the local church, its leaders, and its members by providing ordained pastors, education, and training programs.

And that is why MCA is here. Why are you here? Why have you come to Mount Carmel Academy? What do you seek? What do you hope to gain? How can we help you?

Welcome to Mount Carmel Academy! We hope to hear from you soon.

-The Founders and Staff of Mount Carmel Academy