Class Listing

Class Listings

The following are classes that are currently offered by Mount Carmel Academy. If desired, click on a column heading (such as Instructor) to sort the list by that column. Click the heading again to change the sort order.

Course Instructor Description Study Path
Christian Leadership: End of Life Considerations Rev. Long A one-day seminar focused on issues that relate to end of life, including wills, advance directives and living wills, health care Power of Attorney, Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST), Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (MOLST), and other considerations. Leadership
Christian Leadership: Dangers of Prescription Drug Use Rev. Moore A one-day seminar focused on issues that relate to prescription drugs and their short and long term effects on a person, how to recognize any harmful effects, and how to help. Leadership
Old Testament Survey Rev. Tyndall OTS is a study of the literature, historical background, geography and significance of the books of the Old Testament. Emphasis will be placed upon the plotline of the OT, accomplished by building a bridge from original meaning to contemporary significance of God’s revelation of Himself. The relationship between the Testaments will also be examined. Ordination
Gifts and Ministry Rev. Tyndall Discover the spiritual gifts given to you by God! Information will be provided along with Biblical reference concerning the spiritual gifts given to all Christians for their use within His Son Jesus' church body. General
New Testament As Written Rev. Payne An overview and introduction to the New Testament of our Holy Bible as it was written. Have you ever wondered in what order the New Testament was written? This class will focus on the chronological writing of the New Testament to discover what is happening in the Roman Empire, the Jewish Community, and the Christian Church during the time each book was written. General